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THE present volume is a translation from the Danish language of one of Rev. Mr. Gravengaard's books which in its original form has attained a success…
among Danes in the United States and Americans of Danish descent which is quite unprecedented in the annals of Danish immigrant literature, secular and religious.

The book has passed through two large editions and has even found wide reading in far-off Denmark.

The work of rendering this volume into English has been a source of unlimited joy because of the clarity of the author's message; the form in which he has clothed his thoughts, and the immediate humanistic touch evident from beginning to end.

It is the hope of the translator that an equal measure of satisfaction and delight may accrue to the public who now for the first time may enjoy the opportunity of becoming familiar with Mr. Gravengaard's writings in the language of the United States.

This 64 page PDF ebook comes with Master Resell Rights.

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