The Angel of Terror

A man is convicted of murder based on the testimony of one beautiful innocent woman. 

But who is telling the truth……….


The Haunted Bookshop

Exciting story about a 1930s secondhand bookshop.  

Is the bookshop haunted or is there something even more sinister going on!?


Foul Play

She passed an uneasy, restless night, and long before morning she awoke for the sixth or seventh time, and she awoke with a misgiving in her mind, and some sound ringing in her ears. She listened and heard nothing; but in a few moments it began again.


The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot

On the land side our surroundings were as sombre as on the sea. It was a country of rolling moors, lonely and dun-colored, with an occasional church tower to mark the site of some old-world village.



The exciting story deals with an accident that changes a woman's life.  A young rich lady, used to the luxuries of life, accidentally kills a cop!


Jacob’s Ladder


It seemed to Jacob, when he was awakened from a sound sleep about four o‟clock the next morning, that his young companion‟s farewell words had been vainglorious.