Divorce and the Family


Transform Your Divorce Into An Opportunity Of Growth And Discovery… For You AND Your Children

Discover How To Heal Your Heart And Protect Your Loved Ones

In “Divorce and the Family” you can discover tools that will help you:

Better understand the effects divorce may have on you, your ex and your children.

Recognize the common causes for divorce in the off chance you may have an opportunity to save your marriage.

Understand the impact divorce has on you and your partner, and how your feelings, attitudes and behaviors impact your children.

Better understand how children feel after divorce and how your behaviors and attitude can result in their comfort and support or feelings of fear and dismay.

Overcome common behavioral problems children experience following divorce, by learning more about support, therapy and open communication.

Identify tools for communicating effectively with your partner and other people in their family following a divorce.

Uncover magical and effective tips for blending families, when you or your EX decides to remarry or get together with another person with other children…

And Much More!

This 46 page PDF ebook comes with Private Label Rights.

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