Houseplants Tips and Advice


Tips and Advice for Beautiful and Healthy Houseplants

Table Of Contents:

Your Indoor Garden

Indoor Plants For Indoor Design

Is It a Houseplant If It's Outdoors?

Starting From Scratch: Seeds and Cuttings

Growing Potted Plants

Choosing a Pot

Water, How Much Is Right?

How To Feed Your Houseplant

Proper Care For Your Houseplants All Year Round

Caring for Tropical Plants

How To Grow a Healthy Palm Tree

Spider Plants, Practically Indestructible

How To Care For Bamboo

How To Care For Sansevieria

The Braided Money Tree

Proper Care and Feeding For Jade Plants

Pitchers, Fascinating Carnivores

Houseplant Diseases and How To Treat Them

Indoor Garden Pests

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