Into the Yukon


Join this Exciting Adventure-Filled Journey to the Untamed Yukon!

This morning we have walked a few miles up the river to see the celebrated White Horse Rapids, and I went four miles further, and saw also the Miles Cañon, where the waters of Lake Taggish and Fifty Mile River begin their wild six miles before reaching here.

The cañon is sharply cleft in trap rock, and the sides rise sheer and pilastered as though cut into right-angled pillars.

These cliffs rise up 200 feet or more and go down as deep below the foaming tide. The cleft does not seem more than 100 yards wide, and through it the waters boil and roar.

How the early gold hunters ever got through the furious waters alive is the wonder, and indeed very many did lose their lives here, as well as in the dashing rapids below….

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