The Beginners Guide to Birdwatching


The Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching… Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Bird Watching Journey!

The challenge and sport that lies in the practice of identifying birds by song, sound, color and shape can be fun, exciting and rewarding.

Here’s what every beginning bird watcher needs:

5 essential bird watching toolkit items every novice bird watcher MUST have to embark on a successful bird watching adventure.

The #1 essential bird watching tip that will change the way you view bird watching and your approach to wild birds forever.

5 unique characteristics of birds every bird watcher NEEDS to learn before they can track birds carefully and successfully.

A handy, quick and easy guidebook that teaches them how to chart, categorize and classify information about the birds they watch and discover.

A simple and unique tool that offers novice bird watchers the opportunity to record and verify the sounds and songs of birds they find and locate in the wild.


This 50 page PDF ebook comes with Private Label Rights.

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